In Brief
Allanblackia Project In Tanzania
Domestication(Planting) of Allanblackia In Tanzania
The product, Allanblackia oil is a natural, non-GMO, vegetable fat that can, like other traditional oils, be used in the manufacture of food and non-food products. It consists almost exclusively of triglycerides of stearic- and oleic fatty acids. These components are and have always been part of the human diet
Q. Can you give a brief background of Project Novella?
Q. What is included in the AB Supply Chain?
Q. How is handling and processing of AB done in a sustainable way?
Q. What is the rationale behind the setting of AB price?

Q. Why AB domestication or Planting

Q. What are some of the problems or challenges to domesticate or plant AB

Q. what has been done to overcome these challenges